Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random Fashion Girl

Hey guys,

I have nothing new for this week (boo!) so i'm posting an old wacom painting I did. I really enjoyed doing it and at the time I was like "i'm definitely doing more of these" and then I never did another one again! I will get back to them though, eventually.

It's from a Vogue photo, I find Vogue brilliant for fashion photography which is always really nice to draw, lovely lighting and colours, and beautiful girls of course!

I'm loving this blog by the way, so interesting seeing all the different styles and lovely work!


  1. Fantastic!More Vogue girls I say!

  2. thats sweet Murr!

    I must have a crack off one of those wacom tablets at some point....

  3. Yeah, they're great! Will has a wacom cintiq, UNREAL, I'd love to treat myself to one of those!

  4. Think I've an old one out in my parents garage somewhere.I'll dig it out for ya...

  5. That's fab Maria. Love the style.