Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Painting Attempt

I tried painting at my life class last week, these are the results, pretty terrible! Although to be honest I thought it was going to be worse, at least you can tell it's a person!

Again, the top image here is half way through the class. I chickened out of trying to sort out the hands at the end of the class and just painted a background instead! There's LOADS wrong with the final result, but I absolutely loved doing it, can't wait to give it another go this week.


  1. That's really good Murr! I reckon you're being hard on yourself!

  2. That's a great first attempt at painting esp a life model that's hard - you're way too hard on yourself girl.

  3. Ah thanks lads,

    Half way through the class there was loads of parts that needed work, and I totally avoided them and went around filling stuff in instead! This week i'll try & make myself do the hard bits.