Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Life Drawing

So MORE life drawing, full figure this time, finding it as difficult as ever!

The top one is about 1/2 way through the class, I actually prefer it to the final thing, typically! Didn't have time to finish colouring it, wanted to take a picture of the model and finish it at home but thought that might be weird?!

AND... a photo of the lovely crayons / pastels!


  1. First one's my favourite too!Great line quality.
    Was wondering bout the idea of taking photographs at life drawing sessions myself once too.Think it might be crossing some sorta line....:D

  2. love the lines too on the first one. How long do ye get to work on the drawing? just spotted your putty rubber - a crucial accessory for drawing!!

  3. It's 2 hours, which is just about enough for a chalk portrait, but not so much with the full figure! I want to try painting in the new year but I won't have enough time at all for painting!