Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pink leaf continued...

Just attached the leaf I painted a while back to a canvas with some text...plan is to make a series of them.


  1. Wow that's lovely, they'll be a beautiful series! The leaf has a lovely sheen to it as well, it still looks wet

  2. What's the text out of curiousity?

  3. yeah it's a high gloss paint on it. text is a poem I found:
    Falling gently with the breeze,
    Breaking canopy from the trees,
    Leaves of sizes big and small
    Flying high, then comes the fall.
    Floating gently to the ground
    Thousands,millions, without a sound.
    Slowly,surely,new leaves grow
    Seasons come and seasons go.

  4. Beautiful!Looking forward to seeing the rest of them.Think they'll work really well as a series