Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I was screenprinting over the weekend at Cork Printmakers, best weekend ever! Here's a couple of prints on paper (700g cartridge... lovely!), I did a few tshirts and bags as well, really enjoyable weekend, would love to do more.


  1. love them Maria - did you draw the graphic first and scan them before putting them on the screen? would love to do some more courses there, i did an etching one a few yrs ago, would highly recommend it.

  2. They look great Maria!Sounds like a fun weekend alright.I'd love to do one of their courses sometime..

  3. Yeah all their course seem really good, yeah I drew them first in illustrator before putting them on the screen.

    I was going to do the mixed media one next time it came up, but I enjoyed the screenprinting so much I might do the longer screenprinting course. Very enjoyable anyway!